21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY17

Time is flying …

so its already Saturday and I am having a hard time to remember what I ate and did yesterday. But lets give it a try …

Actually not really worth to mention as breakfast is so to say the most borring part of day when it comes to food. So I had 2 slices of bread with some almond spread and self-made jam on top of it.

At lunch time I had been very creative. I knew that the leftover red beans had to disappear and that I wanted something warm which would be within shortest time ready to eat. So I caramelised some red onions, added cherry tomatos and let them cook a bit. Than put water and couscous as well as the red beans, added spices like curmin, 7 arabic spices and some salt and let it rest for 10mins. Finally put some lemon juice and cilandro. I really enjoyed the dish!

For dinner we had a guest. One of the German moms who also owns 2 rabbits was so kind to come over and give our one a little pedicure. Schnuffi is horrorfied to travel so this „in house service“ was just gratefully received. So besides our regular bread for dinner I had also made a green salad with red pepper, cherry tomatoes and green leaves and also an avocado salad. Ingredients: avocado, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, honey, salt & pepper, mustard. Unfortunately I was too busy to take a picture.

I have to admit that by now I am somehow looking forward to finish the challenge and to find more freedom when choosing food. At the same time, what I can say for now – whenever I think of meat I do not feel attracted at all at the moment. Let’s see how this will develop further.

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