21 Day Vegan Challenge – #DAY16

Time for another nicely warm oatmeal with raspberries and almond milk along with a coffee. I stopped trying further alternative milks as I am really happy with the Plant Pro one. The one without added sugar seems to be very popular as it was sold out at different dm stores I have been lately.

Being on the road – some social engagement in Zámbék through the Deutscher Kulturkreis Budapest – I decided to make myself a salad in the morning. Nothing special just the regular cherry tomatos, chickpeas, spring onion, olive oil & lemon juice, salt & pepper one. When I got home I was craving for something sweet, so had some bread with almond and chocolate spread.

The girls had asked for pizza and I still had the vegan dough in the fridge so nothing easier than this. The big one went for a vegan version, just tomato sauce and some corn. I had read around in the www to get some inspiration. Actually I wanted to try this recipe but than decided to use hummus as spread, add some fig mustard and on top some carmelised red onions. This turned out very appetizing (yeah, a new synonym – finally consulted thesaurus :-)). As dessert we had a very delightful self-made strawberry sorbet.

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