21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY15

So when we learnt something from our dinner experience yesterday than really the fact, vegan does not neccessarily mean vegan as we are being taught during our course. There seems to be a really big difference if you approach a vegan life through a healthy lifestyle or by just trying to substitute your regular food by vegan products. The last one is definitely not the way I personally see it. Its really about bringing more veggies, grains, beans, new dishes and different flavors onto our plates.

Being so full last night and skipping the dessert I really needed something sweet sweet this morning. So we had toast with almond and chocolate spread. Yummy!

Unfortunately Chef Kamila was sick today, so our course did not take place. I really love by now our Wednesdays happening so an alternative plan needed to be made. Lucky me I have this Lebanese friend who is really spontaneous and hospitable. So we ended up cooking at her place her version of the lentil soup. It really tasted differently and I also learnt that it is typical to add salad into the soup once you are about to finish. A really nice combination and opens up a totally new view on how to combine salad during cold winter times. Also got new inspirations and ideas for other dishes, and how to flavor salad – using a pomegranate dressing. Very tasteful!Before I went to my friend I made us some muffins following this recipe. They tasted really nice – but they did not really rise as they are supposed to and sticked to the paper on the bottom. No idea why, so need to keep working on it … BUT kids loved them and asked me to do them soon again.

Dinner was not really exciting. Had some tomatoes with olive oil & spring onions, salt & pepper and some vegan cheese on top. Put it in the oven for approx. 15min 180 degree. The girls enjoyed it too!

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