21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY6

I loved the burger!

Starting into the new week went pretty slowly and borring concerning breakfast and lunch, but ended with a very nice dinner!
To find some more products from my list I went for a quick shopping at the Bio Shop in Mammut. Like last time it took me double time to look, to decide and to finally buy. I will keep you posted whenever I test the different goodies.

For breakfast I had the self-made cereal (made on Saturday – #DAY4) with Adez almond milk. Not very exciting, but very quick in preparation.

I arrived home starving so just had some baguette together with the Italien spread (#DAY5), dried tomatos and a kind of vegan cheese version (see picture). Everything combined makes it a delicious sandwich. Of course some more healthy ingredients like fresh tomato or salad leaves could be easily added. And not to forget to mention – buying this vegan cheese version obviously costs double than a regular cheese! 😉

Dinner was – food wise – the absolutely highlight of the day. Our group of moms taking part in the Kickstart Your Health course decided to be guests in Chef Kamila’s Home Restaurant. We got spoiled with a 3-course menu including tea & water. Starter was a carrot soup nicely decorated with some roasted almonds and pumpkin seed oil. My personal highlight was the main dish – a vegan burger. Really delicious – the vegan burger itself but also the other ingredients like vegan „cheese“ version (from Violife as well) and self-made mayonnaise. Yummy! Will try to make them for sure!
We finished our menu with a very rich chocolate cake. Some of us could not even tell what was the difference to a regular rich chocolate cake. So, well done Chef Kamila and thanks again for having us!

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