21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY7

We ate the leftovers of the rich chocolate cake from Chef Kamila and we made an apple-banana smoothie. Also, I had a little snack in between, the self-made oat cookies together with some Kurkuma tea and Cashew milk, which by the way I will definitely not buy again. Neither taste nor color were convincing.

Marinated artichokes bought at Spar (Rozsakert shopping center) were the starting point for the lunch. Being hungry the preparation needed to be done quickly. So after looking at different recipes I came up with my own version. Ingredients: coucous, cherry tomatos, artichokes, lemon juice, mustard, olive oil, white acete balsamico, salt & pepper. I really liked my couscous salad with artichokes and will for sure do it again!

Snacked around for dinner – some artichokes, some vegan cheese (see #DAY6), fresh pepper and cucumber. Oh and shortly before dinner we actually had a very sweet delicious snack: mashed banana with carob and some marple syrup. We cut some apple slices and dipped them into the declicious spread. Kids really loved it!

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