21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY9

Going Lebanese for lunch …

This day was flying … I could almost not keep track. Went for a coffee meet up with some other Germans moms to Émile and unfortunately I have to say the coffee I had – with coconut milk – was awful. Maybe I should consider to bring my own Plant Pro almond milk in future. At least I have told the waiter about this new Barrista milk which you can find at dm and which is supposed to end up in a very nice foam!

Quickly done with some bread, nut spread and jam.

For lunch I had a vegan friend visiting. I really wanted her to try my marinated fennel so I prepared this appetizer yesterday. She really liked it and also my husband liked it much more this time than last time (reduced the amount of olive oil for marinating).
The inspiration for the main dish came from my Lebanese friend. If you are interested in the recipe just check it out on Instagram. You will find even more inspiration there.
I have to admit that I am not sure if my lentil soup version really turned out as it was supposed to be. Added addionally some coconut cream and cilandro. But I have to say, the more I ate the more delicious I found it. Finally my guest and I finished the entire soup!

Filled with the yummy soup I had the fennel left for dinner. Added some of the vegan cheese and enjoyed it! Unfortunately my kids were not really into trying and testing.

Ingredients marinated fennel: fennel, onion, raisins, garlic, olive oil, honey, lemon, salt & pepper, white wine, veggie broth.

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