21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY20

Almost done and only today I finally used tofu …

Mondays are fun days – or baking days? Anyway after a very relaxing yoga session, short shopping at Mammut again – needed finally a muffin form and cooking lunch, I gave the oatflake cookies another try. After baking they were really nice and crunchy. Even so I put them in the box the same afternoon they become very soft over night.

I had been very lazy this morning so only had some coffee and two cookies. I know, that’s not the healthy lifestyle vegan approach, but if I only do it once in a while it will be fine. Kids had a little bit more healthy breakfast, one muffin each from yesterday and a jogurth.

At the beginning of our course one of the moms shared this recipe. Finally took the chance to do this Spicy braised tofu myself. Its pretty easy to prepare. I also made some salad as side dish. As I had been very generous with the chili powder I ended up mixing salad and tofu dish in the pan. Found it pretty delicious and could imagine to do something similar again with another kind of sauce.

Usually I am rather avoiding bread for dinner but I was really craving for. So we had bread from our favourit baker Rita from Kenyermanufaktura. I put the Toskana spread from dm plus this super delicious artichokes from Spar. Felt like in heaven. Ate much more than I should have ;-).

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