21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY4

Challenge of the day …

was to bake a non-vegan cake for the birthday party of my daughter. I found it quite challenging to not try while making the dough or finishing up the chococlate coating that was left over in the bowl. But I somehow managed and took instead a bite of the discovered „Ferrero Küsschen“ bar. While my family and guests enjoyed the cake I had the self-made oat cookies and some more delicious cookies from Veganz (Müller / Mom-Park). They taste really good, just like normal ones. Also got approved by my daughters.


For breakfast we had self-made cereal. I have actually got this recipe quite a while ago and lucky me its vegan and really tasty. Ingredients: oat flakes, spelt flakes, buckwheat, nuts (chose almond), coconut, sesame, chia seeds, honey, marple syrup, coconut oil. Mix everything in a bowl and than put on baking paper. Bake with top and bottom heat, 180 degree, until it is golden (approx. 12-15min), turn around in between 2-3 times.
I had the cereal with coconut jogurt (found at Spar / Mom Park) and some Adece rice milk. I am taking back what I have written the other day. The colour of this rice milk is actually not withish enough for my taste! So, for the time being Almond milk from Plant Pro is my favourite one.

Being busy to make another birthday cake for my little one and feeling like eating potatos, I prepared a very simple potato salad using Bio potatos from Aldi (actually very delicious given the fact that potatos that I usually buy don’t taste at all), spring onions, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a bit of white acete balsamico, salt & pepper. Turned out very delicious. Will do it for sure again during and after the challenge!

Dinner was a mixture of different snacks. Made for the first time some topinambur chips. Served with a jogurt dip for the non-vegans and salsa for me. Also we had the leftover potato salad from lunch and the cabbage from yesterday plus some freshly cut pepper and passion fruit as dessert. The girls ate all chips within shortest time and also the potato salad vanished pretty quickly.

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